House Music
Original Remix

January 18, 2011

DJ Chus

Chus L. Esteban, dj, producer and remixer, is the owner of the independent record label Stereo Productions and the creator of Iberian Sound, a delicious mix of hypnotic house, with warm and appealing percussive and tribal landscapes that intertwine with a brilliant use of modern tech-house and progressive house elements, 100 percent underground! Chus has an extended career, built by his self-learning personality and his permanent defence of musical quality, features that have also made him one of the world’s most acclaimed DJs, an achievement that’s well mirrored by his work inside the studio, whether alone, with David Penn or next to Pablo Ceballos. Several times elected “Best DJ of the Year” by the Spanish Deejaymags Awards, Chus is quoted amongst the top 100 world DJs, next to Ceballos, by the British DJ Magazine. Undoubtfully an amazing professional, whose refined and surgical techniques before the dishes conquered him the epithet of Dr. Chus! His DJ sessions are an authentic journey through electronic music, but with a predominantly house foundation from which perfectly emerges, with astonishing easiness, a diversity of sounds that range from the most delicate and sensitive tunes to the most downright curt sonorities. Without a question, a true master of ceremonies and a whole establishment of his own, inside the Spanish borders and across the world. An artist, a musician, a DJ!