House Music
Original Remix

December 09, 2010

Nouveau Yorican

This is the new collaboration with artists better known as Laidback Luke and DJ Gina Turner

The name Nouveau Yorican conjures up visions of dance music truthful to the patterns and grooves of classic house, but done with the technology and sounds of today, in the same way that the Art Nouveau movement used modern materials to forge classic and natural shapes. Nouveau Yorican is the brainchild of two major players in today’s house scene: the charismatic Gina Turner (also half of powerful DJ duo Staccato) co-produces the sounds and lays down slick vocals while godfather of modern Dutch scene Laidback Luke lends a hand, assuming the role of the quintessential “man in the shadows”. For both of them, this is a small step away from their usual territory towards more jacking sounds reminiscent of the best of golden era Chicago House, with a twist of latin-flavored New York stomp and backed by the discreet presence of the almighty Dutch artillery. A modern take on New York’s Puerto Rican artistic identity seen through the eyes and ears of an asian Dutch house virtuoso and a half-sicilian/half-latino part-time NYC, part-time LA resident? This is our version of the Puerto Rican house renaissance.