House Music
Original Remix

September 30, 2010


A mixture of latin percussive house, some tribal beats, a bit of french filter house and the anthem character of great vocal house hymns. A style which you also will hear when the 2 guys hit the decks in their famous Sunloverz DJ sets. The vocals hooks to this song were written and performed by Jan Löchel an international known songwriter who works also for ATB, 4 Strings, H-Blockx and RANK 1 just to mention a few. All Around The World was worldwide licensed from spinnin records / NL. The second Sunloverz Single Shine On was released in April 2005 just as a one- sided testpressing and sold over 2500 copies in just a few weeks. Shine On is an adaption of the classic 80s 'Shining Song' by Steve Winwood - who also supplied the basis to the worldwide No. 1 hit 'Call On Me'.